Apéro by the Lake

Yesterday evening, a few of us packed our backpacks and hiked up the mountain to Beaver lake where we could take in the last sunny rays of the day before the mosquitoes begin their snacking time. Sitting on the softly sloping hill of Beaver lake, we had the best view of the surroundings: the Beaver lake pavilion sits directly opposite us, beneath the shadows of bushy trees; kids take a last spin in their paddle boats; family clusters come and go; the sun shines a bright orange before disappearing behind trees; soft hues of pink and tangerine light up the sky.

It’s a beautiful scene, a much needed break from work and the city, but we really came for the company and apéro! Here’s what our menu looked like:

* Two bottles of white wine, Sauvignon Blancs, to be specific
* A bottle of bubbly
* French baguette and creamy brie made in Québec
* Large dried saucisson
* Grilled vegetable salad
* Marinated artichokes
* Cherry tomatoes
* White cheddar pop corn, sweet potato crisps, and Pringles
* Organic cherries
* Foccacia bread topped with Parmesan and tomatoes
* Assorted cupcakes from Petits Gâteaux on Mount-Royal

Much of the food was homemade, a great way to eat fresh on a budget. The rest of the goodies were easy to come by. When everyone pitches in a few apéro items, you can quickly enjoy a large varied spread of tastiness! Make sure you also remember to bring blankets, utensils, cups and a small cutting board. If you intend on staying out past sunset, I highly recommend a citronella candle, because the mosquitoes are pretty bad. Otherwise, apéro by the mountain is stress free and noise free, so you can enjoy every bit of your surroundings, friends, food and penny pinching.

On that note, cheers!

P.S. Stay tuned for this Sunday’s BBQ Throwdown! Who will have the most surprising dish?


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4 thoughts on “Apéro by the Lake

  1. Julie-Anne says:

    Love the post… loved the quality time even more. 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Adore the post!!! Let’s do it again!!!

  3. yo sistah says:

    I love the post and the pictures. I am very jealous of a) the shared company and b) the food.
    Good luck this weekend to all those participating!

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