Next Throwdown Theme!

Good day fellow food lovers! Today we announce our next throwdown.
After a highly successful BBQ throwdown, the Collective’s consensus was to choose something that we all love to eat on a daily basis: sandwiches! Though we could all call ourselves experts on the subject, creating something special and memorable is not always easy. This time around, it seems the stakes are higher as many of the throwdowners believe to hold the key to our sandwiches loving taste buds; homemade mayonnaises and other sauces, family cured meats, gooey cheeses, baked breads and other exotic accoutrements are all on the table. The winner of this throwdown is definitely to be admired! Here’s a little video to get the juices flowing.

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4 thoughts on “Next Throwdown Theme!

  1. yo sistah says:


  2. Bideshi Films says:

    i’ve said it before.. i’ll say it again.. it’s a matter of time before this site gets really popular… keep on making videos!

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