Danish Smørrebrød Delight!


For this throwdown I was inspired by a trip to Copenhagen, where smørrebrød, or open-faced sandwiches, are a speciality. They usually consist of a slice of buttered, dark, dense bread and thin slices of meat or fish topped with various sauces and ingredients. I actually brought back a package of bread mix from Denmark (a whole grain sourdough rye) to bake fresh on the day of the sandwich throwdown. I then buttered the bread, covered it with smoked salmon, layered with thin slices of avocado and apples, and topped with dill dressing (also smuggled back with me). The dill dressing is basically some sweet honey mustard mixed with lots of dill, so easy to prepare yourself. This was just my take on a Danish tradition, but feel free to get creative and layer your smørrebrød with whatever you have in the fridge!Aurélie

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One thought on “Danish Smørrebrød Delight!

  1. manypoonany says:

    Oh damn that was a tasty øne!
    It was all about the bread!

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