Getting noticed for all the right reasons

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Yesterday’s La Presse+ featured an article on community-oriented food projects and the Foodie Collective was included. We find it very encouraging to see projects such as ours getting visibility and gaining popularity as they represent another dimension of Montréal’s already well established reputation as a foodie city. We are also very touched by the fact that the Foodie Collective coverage in the La Presse + article comes from the folks at Santropol Roulant, a wonderful Montréal non-profit we choose to donate the proceeds from the sales of our first cookbook to, which you can still purchase through etsy.

As our followers already know, for more than 2 years, the Foodie Collective has been organising Throwdowns every few weeks to celebrate food in all its glory and foster a little healthy competition. From raw to BBQ, from traditional to eclectic, from healthy to decadent, there’s nothing we won’t try! We are all very aware of how lucky we are to have access to wonderful ingredients and that we get to eat so well; so we decided to give back to a cause dedicated to feeding the community. With many original recipes, tons of stunning pictures, and some very creative minds ready to offer their precious time for free, the Foodie Collective Cookbook was created to raise money for a wonderful organization.

Santropol Roulant seemed an obvious charity of choice. The work they do is amazing! Among other things, they run a meals-on-wheels service that delivers food to hundreds of people isolated due to a loss of autonomy. Not only do they provide them with nutritious home cooked meals but also with smiles, laughter and comforting words. Santropol Roulant deliveries are often bright spots in what can otherwise be very lonely days. Additionally, it offers its huge and dedicated base of volunteers an environment to learn in and share knowledge on all things food, sustainability and community.

The Foodie Collective’s involvement with Santropol Roulant continues, as we will be offering a cooking workshop with them this spring. As for our own projects, some very interesting Throwdowns are in the works, so stay tuned for even more delicious recipes!


One thought on “Getting noticed for all the right reasons

  1. Joelle says:

    Good job throwdowners…keep up the good work!

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