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No trifling matter: The Foodie Collective blogs for Canadian Living


Rhubarb Trifle
Photo credit and styling: Katherine Macnaughton

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Getting to Know Your Olive Oil


EVOO event
Photo credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Recently, The Foodie Collective was invited to Montreal’s Académie culinaire for the purpose of attending an event, Flavor Your Life, focused on raising awareness and consumption of high quality European extra virgin olive oil. Part of a larger campaign funded by the European Union, the Italian Department of Agriculture (MIPAAF), and the Italian association for olive growers (Unaprol), the event was as educational (it was presented by the very scholarly Robert Beauchemin, ex food critic at La Presse) as it was entertaining (we got to cook and eat with olive oil while sipping wine). I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of hours in the middle of the workday…

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Mini Tourtières with Homemade Green Tomato Ketchup

From the Christmas Throwdown

Around this time of year, special dishes resurface from the kitchen and are meant to be shared around the table. For me, there are 3 quintessential Christmas foods that I look forward to eating copious amounts of: couronnes (gooey cinnamon buns in the shape of a wreath), ginger snaps and, my very favourite, tourtières. What makes these recipes so special is that they have been handed down by generations of strong, French Canadian Pinault women. Unfortunately, this is the first year I won’t be spending the holidays with my grandmother Ninie, who by the way, is turning 89  and is as sharp as a whip! So, in honour of her and her homemade delicious foods that won’t make it to my plate, I have chosen to try my hand at making my own. You should have heard how proud she was to share her recipe with me over the phone. Merry Christmas grand-maman!
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Authentic Malaysian Laksa


A couple years ago, there used to be a restaurant on Duluth street in Montreal called Cash & Curry. Part art gallery, part restaurant, C&C packed a lot of punch despite its minuteness. Its warm and homey atmosphere reflected the cooking that came out of Nantha’s kitchen. Deciding to venture away from the all too familiar pad thai, I opted for the restaurant’s specialty: laksa soup. Not having remembered the name, I believed the soup I came to love and crave was called Tom Yum. Only recently was I informed of the difference, to my great relief. How can one recreate a favorite dish without knowing its true name or origin? So frustrating.
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Homemade pasta carbonara workshop at Santropol Roulant

Fresh Pasta
The best part of loving food is sharing it. That is why The Foodie Collective jumped on the opportunity to give cooking classes at our favorite food organization Santropol Roulant. On May 30th, Throwdowners Katherine Macnaughton and Amanda Piedimonte will host a fresh pasta carbonara cooking class. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as you roll out your own pasta dough, crack a few eggs into you carbonara sauce, and sip on specially paired wine. Sign up here!

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The Foodie Collective Book

Hello wonderful readers!

It’s that time of the year again to pull out pen and paper and begin drafting your Christmas list.
I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a huge fan of Christmas. I understand it can be a holiday wrought with anxiety and indecision – many may not even enjoy it at all. If you’re looking to avoid long lineups at the cash register, I have the perfect solution for you: donate to charity! But don’t just give money – which is nice, but kind of impersonal – instead, buy our book for yourself or as a gift! You heard right; if you were wondering why The Foodie Collective has been less active on this blog (tisk tisk), it’s because they have been working on an incredible project: a recipe book that combines all of The Foodie Collective’s favorite tried and tested recipes, along with fun food-related articles, photography and artwork. The best news of all is that this book was created and published by The Foodie Collective, with the help of incredible contributors, for the purpose of donating all the proceeds to an amazing local organization Santropol Roulant.

The Foodie Collective came up with the idea for this book during a Christmas oyster party. As we were discussing the success of our very first fundraiser – we raised $485 for Mission Bon Accueil in 2011 – as well as how fortunate we are to eat so well so often, we decided a self-published, all-proceeds-donated to-charity cookbook would be the best way to give back. As such, this year, we have partnered with Santropol Roulant as our charity of choice.


“Since 1995, Santropol Roulant has been using food to create community. We are a social service with a vision of social change. The heart of our organization is our Meals-on-Wheels Program that, with the help of thousands of volunteers, provides over 20,000 freshly cooked, nutritious and tasty meals a year to clients living with a loss of autonomy. This only scratches the surface though. Like you, we love food and think it has great power. The fact is, every time we eat food, cook it, plant it, grow it or compost it, our world changes. Our deepest thanks to the Foodie Collective for creating this beautiful book that will help put food on the tables of so many.”

In purchasing this book, you know you’re doing a good thing. Plus, you get to discover our favorite eclectic and imaginative recipes, inspired by both tradition and experimentation, along with important local food initiatives, several food-related articles, and custom artwork by Montreal’s finest.

Hundreds of hours have been donated during the creation of this book, from the graphic designer (wonderful Sasha Endoh), to the writers, illustrators, photographers and Throwdowners, of course. As such, it would be greatly appreciated if you could support our cause by buying one or two or three books this Christmas. In so doing, you’ll be making sure more people have access to daily, nutritious meals.

>>>To order your book, check out our Etsy listing!<<<

>>>We are holding a book launch Wednesday December 5th 2012 at En Cachette 1765 St-Denis, Montreal, QC, from 6pm and on! Show your support by buying the book or making a donation. A percentage of the bar will be donated as well and special treats will be handed out! Spread the news!<<<

One last sneak peak:

>>>To order your book, check out our Etsy listing!<<<

Do I dare say it in November… HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY GIVING!

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The Beer Throwdown

In October, our busy Throwdowners gathered once more to put their cooking skills to the test. The theme this time: beer. Beer is thought to have originated in Neolithic times, making it the oldest of the malted beverages. From its inception, beer has been popular, creating a unique beer culture complete with festivals (Oktoberfest, Bavarian Harvest Festival) and pub-crawls around the world.

While some of the Throwdowners were inspired by Oktoberfest-themed foods, most took cues from their favorite cuisines, whether Italian, BBQ or chic French fare. With beer as the star ingredient, a Throwdown never tasted so good!

Take a look at the delicious creations the Throwdowners came up with this time. Which one piques your fancy?

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Seafood Throwdown Winner


This past Sunday, the Throwdowners gathered yet again to try their hand at ‘throwing down’ with seafood. All are well acquainted with seafood ingredients having already prepared delectable dishes in the past, but this Throwdown was different… Down five fellow Throwdowners due to a schedule conflict, much had to be made up for in variety and surprise. Though the five running chefs had better chances of winning, the ante was upped big time with each Throwdowner presenting a bright, flavorful dish that reflected not only the chefs’ unique style, but their true passion and imagination for combining the best of fresh ingredients.
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