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Homemade Baklava: A fool-proof dessert


Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

A few years ago, I offered to make dessert for Aurélie’s birthday dinner. Not having a huge sweet tooth, as alluded to here, she instructed me to go nutty rather than chocolatey or fruity. And so the idea of making homemade baklava was born! (Actually, I couldn’t decide between baklava or hazelnut crème brûlée so I made both…)
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Gracias Corazon

Gracias Corazon
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Summer is approaching very quickly, or at least that’s what my calendar tells me. Yet, the remaining piles of snow and bundled up passersby tell a different story. Rather than look in dismay at these and other disturbing signs that the warm-skimpy-clothes-Montreal-terrace-drinking-days are still a ways ahead, I put on my spring jacket (complemented by a warm sweater, scarf, and gloves) and make my way to Gracias Corazon on St-Viateur Street.
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Let Them Eat Cake … or Pudding


Chocolate Pudding
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Have you noticed that from February to April there are a lot of birthdays going on? In my case, I have 8 birthdays (including mine) spread out over 5 weeks. Last week, there were three birthdays at my office and this week another two. That’s a lot of cake and celebrating. This week is both my mother’s and my sister’s birthdays (Happy Birthday you guys) and I wanted to make my sister a birthday cake. She loves cheesecake, so I wanted to make a Brownie Bottom Cheese Cake.
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To Brownie or not to Brownie: a question of chocolate

From the Chocolate Throwdown

Meat Brownie
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Every so often, ridiculous men put their heads together. From these unstable and unsustainable moments of collaboration, ideas of exquisite beauty and originality take shape. From the primordial ooze of these men’s minds, a recipe is created, bending the rules of physics as we experience them while flouting the epistemological theories we take for truths. This recipe was J-F’s and my way of expressing to the world that chocolate didn’t have to resign itself to just being chocolate. If Vespas are for driving around in summer, surely the brownie is for being reinvented. I give you our take on the classic brownie.
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Getting to Know Your Olive Oil


EVOO event
Photo credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Recently, The Foodie Collective was invited to Montreal’s Académie culinaire for the purpose of attending an event, Flavor Your Life, focused on raising awareness and consumption of high quality European extra virgin olive oil. Part of a larger campaign funded by the European Union, the Italian Department of Agriculture (MIPAAF), and the Italian association for olive growers (Unaprol), the event was as educational (it was presented by the very scholarly Robert Beauchemin, ex food critic at La Presse) as it was entertaining (we got to cook and eat with olive oil while sipping wine). I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of hours in the middle of the workday…

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The Foodie Collective Falls for Finkelstein


Hof Kelsten
photo credit: Katherine Macnaughton

If you’ve read this blog before, you know there’s just one thing we would brave the cold for. If you said good food, you’d be half right. Good conversation about good food is also definitely worth risking frostbite. So the promise of a chat with Jeff Finkelstein of Hof Kelsten while enjoying one of his nonpareil sandwiches got us out even during the Polar Vortex. And he didn’t disappoint. While Kim got intimate with a deliciously gooey cinnamon bun, Aurélie made nice with a beef on rye sandwich topped with sliced apples, coleslaw and mustard.

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‘Tis the time for oysters!

Since autumn is oyster season, we thought we’d get the Foodie Collective together to test out a few varieties, and Kim’s housewarming presented the perfect occasion for us to gorge ourselves on these delicious bivalves.We headed to the Odessa Poissonnier outlet to pick up a few different kinds and this is definitely the place to go for great seafood. They have lots of varieties, in big and small boxes or in bulk so you can buy as many or as few as you want, and mix and match. This time around, we decided to stick to East Coast oysters, more specifically different varieties from PEI.
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