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Prosecco fruit salad


Fruit salad
Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

A standard in cafeteria’s worldwide, fruit salad is often thought of as a somewhat unoriginal and dated dessert option. However, it can be a refreshing and healthy way to end a meal or to start off your day. One way to infuse new life into this classic is by adding a grapefruit simple syrup, some fresh basil and a dash of Prosecco. I recently brought this jazzed up version to a brunch and it was appreciated by all. What’s great about fruit salad is that you can add whatever fruit is ripe and in season. It’s also a breeze to make if ever you’re pressed for time. You can also indulge knowing that you’re doing your body good!
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Maman’s Cold Busting Chicken Soup

Cold busting soup
photo credit: Katherine Macnaughton

Suffering from a lingering cold? Try this homemade recipe straight out of my mother’s kitchen.
Ginger and garlic are the star ingredients, but the chicken broth and greens give the soup the warm and cozy feeling. Couple with a slice of crusty bread or tomato crositini and enjoy this soup’s healing effect!
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Next Throwdown Theme: Harvest Eats and Treats

San Marzano Tomatoes

There’s no denying that fall has arrived, so you might as well embrace what this colorful and festive season has to offer before the real cold settles in. Plump Italian tomatoes, assorted hot peppers, braids of organic garlic, bushels of large leaf basil, not to mention our favorite seasonal squash family of pumpkins, zucchini, and delicious butternut squash – are all versatile ingredients that you should get to know. So, channel your inner Jamie Oliver and get cracking on some fresh sauces and preserves to tie you over until the Spring. Did I mention that our next throwdown theme is ‘Harvest Goods’? This means that our only guideline to the next throwdown, besides for working in teams, is that we must cook with fall produce. In order to get a head start, Many, myself and a few friends took a whole day to familiarize ourselves with some of the ingredients. Below you’ll find three fall recipes that are sure to keep your freezer full for months!
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