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Maple-Bacon Cheddar Muffins



Spring has sprung (sort of) and whether or not snow is still upon the ground, the maples have yielded their bounty and the Easter bunny will soon deliver its chocolates and treats to happy children everywhere. And most of us will be having a more or less functional Sunday brunch this week, to celebrate the equinox.
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Making Local Choices for Your Cheese and Charcuterie Platters

Cheese and charcuterie platter

Some call it a cheese platter and others, a charcuterie platter. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious and suitable for any festive occasion or romantic dinner. There’s really nothing quite like getting together with friends, sharing a bottle (or three) of wine and savouring a wonderful selection of local cheeses and cured meats. It sounds simple, but there is an art to putting together a beautiful charcuterie board.
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Chocolate Stout Chili

Chocolate Stout Chili

When I was 25, I hosted a chili cook-off at which a few university friends competed. My friend David Barmak blew my mind by introducing the idea that you could mix chocolate into a salty dish. Something else that really impressed me was how prevalent the meat was in the dish. Rather than using ground beef, the small cubes of meat really held their own as the central ingredient and were loaded with flavour and texture. This was further enhanced by the absence of the various beans I had been habituated to in my 1/4 century of chili eating. For this chili, I adjusted David’s recipe by adding a chocolate stout beer to give it a dark, rich color.
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Potato Heaven


I love potatoes. In any shape, size or variety. Boiled, mashed, baked, fried, steamed, even microwaved. In fact, you could say I’m slightly obsessed with them and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that my last name (Ptito) even sounds like potato. It’s no surprise then that my go-to comfort food would feature these delicious starchy gems.
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Cake Anyone?


“First and foremost, I need to give credit to my mom for winning this Throwdown. I grew up on her cheesecake and have eaten it more times than I care to remember, enjoying it every single time. Whenever there’s a family celebration (and coming from an Italian family there are many) someone always asks my mom to bake this cake. She reluctantly agreed to give away her coveted recipe. I promised that I would leave out one key ingredient to keep people guessing. Decadent, cheesy, not overly sweet, this cheesecake is sure to make a few of you feel just right and add a little love to those handles.” – Steve
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Apéro by the Lake

Yesterday evening, a few of us packed our backpacks and hiked up the mountain to Beaver lake where we could take in the last sunny rays of the day before the mosquitoes begin their snacking time. Sitting on the softly sloping hill of Beaver lake, we had the best view of the surroundings: the Beaver lake pavilion sits directly opposite us, beneath the shadows of bushy trees; kids take a last spin in their paddle boats; family clusters come and go; the sun shines a bright orange before disappearing behind trees; soft hues of pink and tangerine light up the sky.

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