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Matzo Ball Soup for the Soul


Matzo ball soup
Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

Every year, my extended family gets together for a traditional Passover Seder. On the two first nights, we get together at a family member’s house and go through the traditional readings of the story of Passover followed by copious amounts of food. This year, the second night was hosted by my parents and the meal began with the most comforting classic matzo ball soup.
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Maman’s Cold Busting Chicken Soup

Cold busting soup
photo credit: Katherine Macnaughton

Suffering from a lingering cold? Try this homemade recipe straight out of my mother’s kitchen.
Ginger and garlic are the star ingredients, but the chicken broth and greens give the soup the warm and cozy feeling. Couple with a slice of crusty bread or tomato crositini and enjoy this soup’s healing effect!
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