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Homemade Baklava: A fool-proof dessert


Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

A few years ago, I offered to make dessert for Aurélie’s birthday dinner. Not having a huge sweet tooth, as alluded to here, she instructed me to go nutty rather than chocolatey or fruity. And so the idea of making homemade baklava was born! (Actually, I couldn’t decide between baklava or hazelnut crème brûlée so I made both…)
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Mini Tourtières with Homemade Green Tomato Ketchup

From the Christmas Throwdown

Around this time of year, special dishes resurface from the kitchen and are meant to be shared around the table. For me, there are 3 quintessential Christmas foods that I look forward to eating copious amounts of: couronnes (gooey cinnamon buns in the shape of a wreath), ginger snaps and, my very favourite, tourtières. What makes these recipes so special is that they have been handed down by generations of strong, French Canadian Pinault women. Unfortunately, this is the first year I won’t be spending the holidays with my grandmother Ninie, who by the way, is turning 89  and is as sharp as a whip! So, in honour of her and her homemade delicious foods that won’t make it to my plate, I have chosen to try my hand at making my own. You should have heard how proud she was to share her recipe with me over the phone. Merry Christmas grand-maman!
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