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Matzo Ball Soup for the Soul


Matzo ball soup
Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

Every year, my extended family gets together for a traditional Passover Seder. On the two first nights, we get together at a family member’s house and go through the traditional readings of the story of Passover followed by copious amounts of food. This year, the second night was hosted by my parents and the meal began with the most comforting classic matzo ball soup.
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Eating well, Healthy and Sustainably!


Herring burger
Photo Credit: Katherine Macnaughton

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I strive to eat good food, but does that mean I have to compromise on certain ethical beliefs about where the food comes from and how it is caught, especially fish? Chris and I are both biologists, focused on the ecological impacts that industry or people have on freshwater systems. As a result, we are well aware of all the research supporting sustainable fisheries and how shifting to such practices is a win-win situation for the health of our oceans, the socio-economic standing of local fishing communities, and overall human health. We are however, always questioning the ever-changing state of certain fisheries and are continually asking ourselves how best to implement smarter choices in everyday life. If we have problems making these decisions, we are surely not alone!
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Authentic Malaysian Laksa


A couple years ago, there used to be a restaurant on Duluth street in Montreal called Cash & Curry. Part art gallery, part restaurant, C&C packed a lot of punch despite its minuteness. Its warm and homey atmosphere reflected the cooking that came out of Nantha’s kitchen. Deciding to venture away from the all too familiar pad thai, I opted for the restaurant’s specialty: laksa soup. Not having remembered the name, I believed the soup I came to love and crave was called Tom Yum. Only recently was I informed of the difference, to my great relief. How can one recreate a favorite dish without knowing its true name or origin? So frustrating.
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Homemade pasta carbonara workshop at Santropol Roulant

Fresh Pasta
The best part of loving food is sharing it. That is why The Foodie Collective jumped on the opportunity to give cooking classes at our favorite food organization Santropol Roulant. On May 30th, Throwdowners Katherine Macnaughton and Amanda Piedimonte will host a fresh pasta carbonara cooking class. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as you roll out your own pasta dough, crack a few eggs into you carbonara sauce, and sip on specially paired wine. Sign up here!

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Seafood Throwdown Winner


This past Sunday, the Throwdowners gathered yet again to try their hand at ‘throwing down’ with seafood. All are well acquainted with seafood ingredients having already prepared delectable dishes in the past, but this Throwdown was different… Down five fellow Throwdowners due to a schedule conflict, much had to be made up for in variety and surprise. Though the five running chefs had better chances of winning, the ante was upped big time with each Throwdowner presenting a bright, flavorful dish that reflected not only the chefs’ unique style, but their true passion and imagination for combining the best of fresh ingredients.
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What I Should Have Made for the BBQ Throwdown…

I recently had my parents and grandmother over to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Eager to find a menu that would knock my mom’s socks off, Many and I put our noggins together and came up with a winner! First, we needed an appetizer. Inspired by fellow throwdowner Aurélie Ptito‘s account of a friend’s recipe, we decided to prepare the same dish: tomato, basil, and goat cheese served between two slices of Panko fried eggplant with a drizzle of balsamic reduction on top. It’s a sort of twist on the Caprese salad that I know my mom loves.
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