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Maple-Bacon Cheddar Muffins



Spring has sprung (sort of) and whether or not snow is still upon the ground, the maples have yielded their bounty and the Easter bunny will soon deliver its chocolates and treats to happy children everywhere. And most of us will be having a more or less functional Sunday brunch this week, to celebrate the equinox.
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Swedish Meatballs – A Festive Cocktail Recipe

From the Christmas Throwdown
Swedish Meatballs

Christmas season tidings!

For the Foodie Collective’s last throwdown of the year, it was only apt to celebrate our traditional side and set the theme to Christmas favourites. My recipe did not originate in my kitchen; rather it has morphed from my having to shop at IKEA for holiday gifts and attending various holiday cocktail parties. Let me explain the former… I am not fond of shopping amongst the mad crowds of people trying to buy last minute gifts or home decorations, but I find myself invariably roaming the lanes of one of these stores. The only consolation is food! IKEA has a brilliant marketing strategy in that they sell their addictive and delicious Swedish meatballs midway through shopping. So each year, I have my prize of comfort food in return for good behaviour.
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Sweet and Salty Pancakes with Candied Bacon Whipped Cream and Whiskey Syrup

Bacon Bourbon pancakes bacon bourbon pancakes
I definitely did not lack inspiration for the Diner Throwdown. I hesitated until the very last minute on what dish to make, finally deciding on sweet and salty pancakes over runner-up ideas like meatloaf, burgers, mac’n cheese, grand slam breakfast, grilled cheese, etc… As you can probably tell from that list, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. So my newfound pancake obsession was quite a surprise! I wanted to make them as light and salty as possible, which is why I opted to use cake flour (which is already pre-loaded with baking powder and salt) and salted butter in the pancake batter.
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