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No trifling matter: The Foodie Collective blogs for Canadian Living


Rhubarb Trifle
Photo credit and styling: Katherine Macnaughton

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Loco for Tico Refried Beans

Refried Beans
Photo credit: Emmanuel Hessler

Lucky, lucky, lucky me, lucky son of a gun! I vacationed in Costa Rica for Christmas and had a shit load of fun! The heat hit me the moment I got off the plane. All I could think about were the fresh fruits and vegetables that must grow in this heat. And truly, they were incredible. It would be two weeks of picking through a fruit stand’s ripe mangos, of twisting the tops off of fragrant pineapples, of getting a local vendor to slice off the thick husk of a coconut so that I could sip its generous quantities of coconut water, and then eat the gelatinous coconut skin. I even got to taste a juicy Guanábana (Soursop) fruit we discovered at a small roadside market – I felt like a real Fruit Hunter. Glorious!
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Homemade pasta carbonara workshop at Santropol Roulant

Fresh Pasta
The best part of loving food is sharing it. That is why The Foodie Collective jumped on the opportunity to give cooking classes at our favorite food organization Santropol Roulant. On May 30th, Throwdowners Katherine Macnaughton and Amanda Piedimonte will host a fresh pasta carbonara cooking class. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as you roll out your own pasta dough, crack a few eggs into you carbonara sauce, and sip on specially paired wine. Sign up here!

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